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The winning visual style of the contest, to which ten studios have been called, builds on a distinctive logo inspired by the mission of the National Gallery as a space for the presentation of art. The logo defines context for different types of content (image, text, video) within the three letters of the abbreviation of the National Gallery in Prague, creating a memorable and variable brand. Color and visual style remain as open and vibrant as possible, just as the approaches of artists that…

Erica Battello

If you designed logos in the days before the term “animated GIF” was not even a twinkle in anyone’s eye, you might have developed a style guide with instructions something like this: The logo shall be printed in Black or Pantone 186 Blue only, and reproduced in sizes not less than one-half-inch high. It must placed on a white or light-colored background one inch from the bottom of the page and not less than ¾ inch from the right-hand margin. Maybe I’ve exaggerated a bit, but

Esraa Zakaria

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