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Explore a variety of glue craft ideas to unleash your creativity and make stunning DIY projects. Get inspired and start crafting today!
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Sugar and Glue Crystals / Geodes: Hey guys! Today I'll show you how to make geodes or crystals using sugar and glue. No borax or epsom salt is needed and you don't have to wait for the crystals to grow, you just shape them however you want :) Make them in all the colors of the rain…

Kellie-Ann Nevin
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Learn how to make glue at home with household ingredients. This homemade glue recipe can be used with any kind of paper, from cardstock to construction paper. It also works with googly eyes, popsicle sticks, and buttons. Why spend money on glue when you can make it yourself for pennies?! The BEST Homemade Glue Why pay $5 for a bottle of craft glue when you can make it yourself in 5 minutes using simple ingredients? We wanted to find the BEST homemade glue recipe, and I believe we have. We…

Patty Collins