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Discover creative and practical ideas for goats that will enhance your farm or backyard. From housing and feeding to health and entertainment, find everything you need to raise happy and healthy goats.
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25 Cheap Easy Goat Shelter Ideas Using DIY Pallets

When you start raising goats for the first time on your small farm, homestead. or backyard, a goat shelter is a necessity, especially a cheap easy goat shelter. Even though goats are equipped to live outdoors, they still need protection from rain, snow, wind and extreme temperatures. Exposing Your Goats to the Weather Goats hate to get wet. They can handle hot weather pretty well, as long as they have some shade. They can also live in extremely cold conditions (no heaters necessary), as long…

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Cheap, Easy Goat Scratcher — Gifts from Goats

With the animals shedding their winter coats, they want to rub along anything to scratch their backs. Make this cheap goat scratcher to save your fencing from seasonal wear. All you need is a stiff bristle broom. This one was free - it broke and was abandoned on a job site where my husband was work

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