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Take a nostalgic trip down memory lane and relive the magic of the good old times. Explore top ideas to bring back the joy and simplicity of yesteryears.
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Let me just tell you that the oldest millennials have turned 42 this year. And while we’re well aware of the fact we’re no kids, we don’t feel that ancient either. Dad jokes and cargo pants seem to be a boomer thing, but what if we’re not that far from them?

Barbara Liu
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A walk through one’s old bedroom or visiting a mall you used to go to can hit you with a wave of nostalgia and memories that you often didn’t even know existed. Without these reminders, it can be hard to sometimes remember how things have changed.

Kelly Weston
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We may not have time machines, but this video offers one way to travel back to the 60s and reflect on some mainstays that are no longer around more than 50 years later. For those looking to venture back to their childhoods or young adulthoods, this video offers insights into classics from that era like

Tranquility Ashanti
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Throughout the next two weeks I'll be posting stories from some of my favorite blogging friends in a series titled Love Notes. I'm a sucker for romance... When I started the 7th grade, there was a new boy who had moved to town. His name was Cody. He sat next to me in math class, we shared a music stand in band (we both played the clarinet) and he was definitely the smallest and shortest boy in our grade. It was love at first sight. He wore a really cool macramé friendship bracelet that his…

Tina Klugman