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Discover a collection of soul-stirring gospel songs that will uplift your spirit and bring you closer to the divine. Immerse yourself in the powerful lyrics and melodies that will fill your heart with joy and inspiration.
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The Neonatal ICU takes care of all newborn babies born in the hospital, from extreme preterm babies of 24 weeks gestation to full term. It is capable of handling all challenges which newborn babies face. A mother shared an adorable video of her newborn baby in NICU worshipping as she…

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The video of Guy Penrod and Sarah Darling singing their song, "What I Know About Heaven" begins with a gentle piano melody. There is a calm and reassuring quality in the singers’ voices, the lyrics, and the music. As the full band comes in behind him Guy Penrod's rich voice is the first to be

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Elvis put heart and soul into this performance and sang it in a southern gospel style, so intensely, it was claimed the three backing singers had tears running down their cheeks. It struck a deep chord with Elvis, too, as upon hearing the finished recording for the first time, he said, "I'm never going to

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