Great wall of china project for kids

Engage your kids in a fun and educational project focused on the Great Wall of China. Explore top ideas that will spark their creativity and deepen their understanding of this iconic wonder of the world.
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China Craft ~ The Great Wall - Confessions of a Homeschooler

This activity was such a fun addition to our China week that I think we’re going to use it for part of our Geography Fair display! We decided to use FloraCraft Styrofoam Bricks and they worked so well, I think we’ll use them again just for fun! Are you tempted?…

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A full moon overlooks the Great Wall of China in this painting project. Kids will mix up their own tempera paint and use an out-of-the-ordinary painting technique to add detail. There are lots of stickers, too! Great Wall Of China Activities, China Projects For Kids, Great Wall Of China Project For Kids, China Crafts For Kids, Art Around The World For Kids, China Activities For Kids, Great Wall Of China Project, Great Wall Of China Craft, Asian Art Projects

Wonders of the World

Take kids way back in time with this art box focused on a few of the Wonders of the World. They will be exploring ancient and new wonders alike! Each one of these wonders displays the artistic creativity of ancient civilizations. Now kids can put their ow

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Around the World: The Great Wall of China

Today we headed over to the continent of Asia to learn about the Great Wall of China. We have absolutely loved virtually traveling to all the famous landmarks in the world this unit. We are making …

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Ancient China Packet - Homeschool Den

We have been studying Ancient China this semester. We are using The Story of Ancient China (affiliate link) (see more about that below) as our spine, but also have read selections from the Story of the World (affiliate link) and the Kingfisher History Encyclopedia. This is the packet that I made to go along with some of our readings. These are now included in our 100+ page Ancient China Unit. Recently,...