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Discover a collection of stunning greyhound art that captures the grace and elegance of these majestic dogs. Enhance your space with artwork that celebrates the beauty and spirit of greyhounds.
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This is a print from a watercolour/ink painting, created by professional artist Dawn Barker. It can be printed sizes A5/A4/A3. It will be printed by me on Marrutt 316gsm Fine Art Textured Paper which is 100% cotton rag with a pleasing semi-rough texture Please note: Frames are not included OR It can be printed on 260gsm paper A4-A1 sizes using a trusted print company Alternatively, Deep Frame Canvases may be chosen. This is a canvas print on a 38mm deep wooden frame and can be…

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Greyhound Logo designed by Jemka Gasanov. Connect with them on Dribbble; the global community for designers and creative professionals.

Solci Di Iacovo
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The sketch at the head of this chapter represents the outline of a greyhound of well-balanced physique. The letters indicate the points familiar to all cynophilists, but useful as references when studying the description which ensues : A A Head A B Muzzle A a Jaws C Eye D D D D } Neck d Ear E E Shoulder E E e e K K Chest F Elbow F F Forearm F G Pastern H Pastern-joint I Foot J Brisket D N N Back L L Ribs LM Couplings N o Stifle p Thighs Q Q Whip or tail R Hock S Second thighs The vertical…

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Wow, exhibition-quality prints and framing, a worthy decor centerpiece for years to come Choose from four high-quality timber finishes to suit your decor Premium acrylic pane is clearer and lighter than glass Shipped in protective packaging Your choice of custom box or flat frame styles Dimensions listed indicate printed image size, excluding mat board and frame dimensions Due to regional differences, the box frame thickness may vary depending on the local fulfiller with a minimum depth of…

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