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Experience the magic of hair on the big screen with these must-watch movies. Get inspired by the captivating stories and stunning hairstyles that will make you fall in love with hair all over again.
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Not having been a huge fan of the original stage production of Hair (Gerome Ragni, James Rado, and Galt MacDermot’s legendary “American Tribal Love - Rock Musical”), I think I’m one of the few to find Milos Forman’s screen adaptation—which deviates significantly from the source material in that it actually has a plot—to be a flawed but vastly superior improvement upon the original. The music was always great, but only the movie version got me to care about who was doing the singing. Evolved…

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Magenta, also known as "Maj", is a supporting character in the film Sky High. Magenta has black hair with purple streaks. She always wears purple or black clothing. Magenta has a semi-punkish style to her. When transformed into her guinea pig form, she has purple streaks in her fur and a high pitched voice. Magenta can be very sarcastic at times, and sometimes pessimistic as well. An example of this is when she referred to sidekick class as the "loser track." In addition, when Will said it…

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