Halloween doll

Get ready for a frightful Halloween with these creepy doll ideas. Transform your home into a haunted house with eerie dolls that will send shivers down your spine.
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Have you hugged your skeleton today?

A handful of Halloween! Too soon? Who says skeletons and pumpkin heads belong exclusively to October? Halloweeny stuff is probably our favorite to work on. It's just such a friendly holiday, with just a little touch of creepiness. A chance to take candy from strangers and say thank you. And skeletons don't really seem exclusively Autumnal at all. I mean, everybody is walking around with one in them right this minute. Inspired by the traditional Dia de los Muertos candies, I did my own…

Ophelia Cienfuegos
Creative Daze with Geri: How I Create Gothic Girls & Zombie Babies from Repurposed Porcelain and Baby Dolls Scary Baby Dolls, Creepy Doll Halloween, Diy Halloween Dekoration, Creepy Baby Dolls, Zombie Dolls, Scary Dolls, Creepy Doll, Doll Halloween, Haunted Dolls

How I Create Gothic Girls & Zombie Babies from Repurposed Porcelain and Baby Dolls

I search for porcelain and baby dolls in resale shops, online, garage/yard/rummage sales, etc. On the average, I’d say I pay about $5 for a doll depending on the condition. I prefer to use dolls that are in sad condition. I have purchased broken (porcelain) dolls and have a collection of parts so the table in my studio sometimes looks like Frankenstein’s laboratory! I’ve paid as low as $1 (RARELY!) all the way to $28 (shopgoodwill.com and ebay.com) for a doll (including shipping). But when…

Isis Anderson
Halloween paper dolls, printable, junk journal kit, digital ephemera, vintage dolls, scrapbook elements, card making, Halloween decor crafts by PixieDustFiles on Etsy Halloween Decor Crafts, Halloween Paper Dolls, Dolls Printable, Scrapbook Elements, Journal Pages Printable, Halloween Kit, Printable Junk Journal, Dolly Dress, Dress Card

Halloween Paper Dolls, Printable, Junk Journal Kit, Digital Ephemera, Vintage Dolls, Scrapbook Elements, Card Making, Halloween Decor Crafts - Etsy

PASTEL-O-WEEN DOLLS consists of a total of 19 unique dolls dressed up for Halloween Party. Dolls are sized at approx. 4 to 5 inches and are arranged with 4 or 5 per 8.5 x 11 printable sheet. Perfect for a Halloween themed junk journal, scrapbook layout, holiday cards, and more! VIEW PASTEL-O-WEEN PAPER PACK HERE: https://www.etsy.com/listing/1557129045/halloween-junk-journal-pages-printable?ref=listings_manager_grid PASTEL-O-WEEN DOLL HOUSES HERE…

Roberta Anderson
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I Refurbish Old Dolls Into Creepy Halloween Decorations

I’m a full-time mother and amateur artist who tinkers with various media. While my passions are painting and beadwork, I’ve recently applied both interests toward a new hobby, refurbishing vintage dolls. Since I live in a house with three guys, I sincerely try to keep the girly stuff to a minimum, but this October I stumbled onto a project that meets my girly needs AND the guys love it.

Jeanne Bruner