Explore the world of Hanoverian horses and learn about their exceptional beauty and elegance. Find top tips on training, care, and breeding to enhance your experience with Hanoverian horses.
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Finnigan is a stunning liver chestnut Hanoverian stallion sired by Floriscount. Floriscount himself is very popular with regards to both breeding and sport, he has competed very successful in dressage competitions to the Grand Prix level with his rider Oliver Oelrich and has the breeding value in dressage of 151.

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The Hanoverian Horse or simply the Hanoverian is a breed of German warmblood horses that are strong and robust. These noble and elegant horses have an appropriately proportioned body, and their flexible movements are marked by a ground-covering walk, a rhythmic canter, as well as a floating trot. As they are lightweight and agile, they […]

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Find a Business Search Ads [Go Back] Hanoverian Stallion - Sternlicht Click to enlarge image. Sternlicht (Soliman de Hus-Rascalino-Wesley) 2010 Hanoverian Stallion 16.3 Hands Owner: Hilltop Farm, Inc. Breeder: Greengate Farm Approved Registries: AHS, ARS, GOV, Westfalen, ISR/Old Breeding Fee: $1,500 1-Year or $750/dose, cooled or frozen semen EVA Status: Negative, vaccinated annually WFFS Status:


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