Healing prayer for a sick child

Pray for the speedy recovery of your sick child with these powerful healing prayers. Find comfort, strength, and hope as you seek divine intervention for your little one's health.
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It can be a stressful and tough time for any parent or guardian whose child becomes sick and hospitalized. Children are among the most wonderful miracles God has blessed each parent with, and the thought

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50+ Prayers For Healing Quotes That Will Bring Strength And Peace In Tough Moments Prayer for healing a child Prayer For A Child In The Hospital Jesus,You’re with us.Though you are not seen,We know that you stay by our side. Jesus, You love us, More than we could know, And you feel each tear that ... Read more

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When we say that we love, we must exhibit the above qualities towards those we call loved ones. Love is selfless; it places the interests of others above our own. Love is forgiving and never holds on to a grudge for too long neither does it keep track of a person’s flaws.

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