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Explore the art of heddle loom weaving and unlock your creativity. Learn techniques, patterns, and tips to create unique and stunning woven designs with a heddle loom.
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As you probably already know, I'm a big fan of Ashford looms, I have four of them myself. I have found their looms to be reliable, easy to obtain, excellent learning tools and affordably priced. Ashford make a variety of looms including the rigid heddle, knitter's loom, inkle looms, table looms and floor looms. They

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Scrap Bin Rigid Heddle Loom: This year our family has made the decision not to buy anything that we can make. Along with that, we've stepped up learning to upcycle and repurpose the unused, unneeded and unwanted. My wife knits with recycled grocery bags and recently we discover…

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Looking so psychedelic… this is overshot “woven on opposites”. I’m using the aqua for my main colour and orange for the accent colour. It beats more closely because there is no tabby to provide the base structure and looks more weft-faced. The treadling rhythm doesn’t feel as convenient as alternating two feet for pattern-tabby-pattern-tabby, but ...