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There are a lot of things about getting older that hit you right between the eyes. Like a hammer. Fifty is the turning point. People can say what they want about forty, but it's pretty much an awesome decade. In retrospect, anyway. Why don't older people, those who have been through it all, tell us this? Why aren't we prepared for all the things that begin to happen to our bodies once we hit the big 5-0? Who is to blame for keeping this information a secret? Who are they, who are keeping us…

Geri Fisher
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Here are some awesome romantic date night ideas for married couples in the bedroom. Sweet and special, they will strengthen your marriage and you don't even have to leave home! Get cozy and let's have some girl talk, shall we? Let's talk about marriage...and dating...and the bedroom. Let's talk about ways to strengthen your Christian

Lisa Wilson-Forest
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A street fight, a real one, has very little to do with a sparring match in the dojo or boxing gym, and almost nothing to do with the theatrical chest beating that accompanies egotistic displays so commonly seen when to aggrieved parties cannot settle their differences with trash-talking alone. Real street fights are unpredictable, fast ... Read more


Parenthood is an exhilarating rollercoaster of trials and triumphs, towering above all other endeavors in its colossal stature. From the euphoria that accompanies witnessing your offspring utter their inaugural words to the arduous task of eradicating spaghetti and meatball imprints from your ceiling, the mantle of nurturing another human being oscillates between captivating exhilaration and bone-deep exhaustion.

Leigha Croke