Home building tips

Discover expert home building tips to ensure a smooth and successful construction project. From choosing the right materials to maximizing space, these tips will help you create your dream home.
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Things I Wish I Had Done When We Built Our Home Building Tips Part 1

Hello! So, I have a sister and sister-in-law building homes and so I have been brought back to the home building process as we’ve looked at plans and lighting and flooring and paint colors! I have kept a list of things that I wish we had done differently or things I wish we would have considered and I hope it helps if you are building, re-modeling, finishing a space. First, I need to say without reserve that I *love* our home. It is perfect for our family. I try to give thanks whenever I can…

Julie Nolan
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The Ultimate List of "Must Haves" When Building a New Home (Updated!)

When working with your custom home builder, you have a chance to create the house of your dreams. There are so many major details you've probably already

Kathryn Gerling
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These are the things you HAVE to know when building a home. Go all the way to the bottom of the post for my top 4 tips that will save you money and stress.

Kim Bromley
Click to read my newest blog post about the 6 ways to reduce construction costs when building a new house. These are tips I wish I would have had when we were buying our new construction home!! Things To Include In New Build, Home Building Design Ideas, Ways To Save Money Building A House, Building House Checklist, Ways To Save Money When Building A House, What To Know When Building A House, Tips For Building A New House, Cost To Build A House Calculator, Must Haves When Building A New Home

6 Ways To Reduce Construction Costs When Building A New House

Be sure to follow these 6 ways to reduce construction costs when building a new house so that you won't go over budget with your new construction home.

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Steps to Building a Home: The First Time Buyers Guide

Ever wondered about the steps to building a home? I'm sharing this first time buyers guide to walk you through the process. You'll learn how to work directly with your builder and the perks of building a house vs buying an existing home.