Home renovation costs

Get an accurate estimate of home renovation costs and plan your project with confidence. Discover tips and tricks to save money and make the most of your budget.
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Whether you’re looking to save money or prove to yourself that you’re just as competent as that popular YouTuber who does all their own home improvements, there are some times you should avoid the DIY route altogether.Aside from the embarrassment of a disastrous attempt at fixing stuff around the house, performing your own fixes could very well wind up costing your more money than you’d planned on spending.

Gülnihal Gökcen

We purchased this home in late 2018 with a plan to renovate throughout the early winter of 2019 and into Spring. We wrestled with the idea of making a few small improvements and overall aesthetic updates, or taking it down to the studs, adding on, and making it an entirely new and updated space. Nevertheless, the latter option won. We did, however, pair down the addition and kept it to a modest first-floor bump out to expand the kitchen and mudroom while converting two of the upstairs…

Shannone Raybon