Homemade mixes

Discover the joy of making your own homemade mixes for quick and tasty meals. Explore top recipes for homemade mixes that will save you time and add flavor to your dishes.
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Is your kitchen decently stocked with basic food ingredients? Then you're ready to make loads of pantry staples that will save you money and keep your family well-fed. I'm sharing 100+ homemade recipes for foods you likely already buy from the store, so pick a few of your favorites to DIY, and add them to your meal plan this week.

Dallas Nicole
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In my attempts to save money and streamline my meal planning I decided to investigate homemade baking mixes. Over a period of several weeks, I looked over some of the many mix recipes that are out there. After trying various ones I compiled my own by mixing and matching. Through experimentation I made tweaks to each recipe so I feel that I can share them with you. I decided that I would invest $20 and purchase these containers at Walmart. I am very thankful I did. I believe they were each…

Laura Kram
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Having your own homemade baking mix recipe is better than having using a store-bought version and you can make one that is versatile enough to use in various recipes such as pancakes, waffles, biscuits, and more. If you are going to add the butter to the mix, be sure to store in an air tight...

Mallory Threlkeld