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Discover the power and beauty of the legendary Honda CBX motorcycle. Get inspired by top CBX models and find your perfect ride today.
'80s Glory: Honda CBX750 "Flávia" by Unik Edition Lamborghini, Honda Motorcycles, Motocross, Honda Cb, Honda Cbx, Triumph Motorcycles, Honda Cbr, Cb750, Motorbikes

An '80s sport bike, well upgraded...Introduced in 1984, the Honda CBX750 -- aka the RC17 -- was developed from the CB750 and sold mainly in Europe and Australia. The bike's DOHC 16-valve engine produced 90+ horsepower, making the bike a shade faster than the more exotic V4 VF750F, and Honda race

It's not as famous as its CB750 cousin, but the Honda CBX750 has a strong claim to fame—it was the motorcycle of choice for police in several countries. Police, Street, Honda, Cb750, Moto, Scrambler, The Streets, Fame, Famous

Unlike its famous cousin the CB750, the Honda CBX750 is a bit of a sleeper. But it does have a very unusual claim to fame: it was the motorcycle of choice for highway patrolmen in several countries. Honda even built a police-specific version of it. One of those countries is Malaysia, home to Kerkus Motorworks. Founders Azahar and Raveen have swung spanners on the CBX750 before, a process that usually involves shedding as much of the original styling as possible. But this new project called…

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