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Get inspired by the latest embroidery trends and techniques showcased in magazines. Explore a wide range of ideas to enhance your embroidery skills and create stunning masterpieces.
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Many of you, I know, subscribe to Inspirations Magazine, which is one of the longest-running contemporary magazines devoted to hand embroidery. It’s been going since the 1990’s, when I was in college. I’ve previously told the story of my introduction to the magazine (and how I used to steal my sister’s copies) here, if you’re ...

Sandy Rozzell Smith
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Did you know that the most beautiful embroidery magazine in the world – Inspirations Magazine – is now available in electronic format? This means the magazine can be read on a computer, laptop, mobile device (iPad, iPod, iPhone, Android), or electronic reader (kindle, nook, etc.). It also means that, if you found the print price ...

Adriana Herrera
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Needlework magazines are a great source of inspiration, but there are only a few that I subscribe to faithfully. Among them is Inspirations Magazine, "The World's Most Beautiful Embroidery Book," to which I've subscribed for quite a long time now. Well, when the current Inspirations hit my mailbox,

Steph Barry