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Costume history on  -  A Celtic woman; in the centre a Celtic man and on the far right a Celtic peasant. Clothes, Fashion, Costumes, Cosplay, Costume, Tutu, Women, Celtic Costume, Traditional Outfits

By Pauline Weston Thomas for Weaving and Use of Skins No one can be absolutely certain that early man wore clothing as we know it. But researchers in the late C20th, found evidence of fine weaving in the Czech region. This was observed from studying illustrated archaeological pottery artefacts from the region. Clearly cold …

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The First Colour Photographs of Ireland - 1913 - Flashbak Dorothea Lange, People, Vintage, Galway Ireland, Ireland Irish, Ireland History, Old Irish, Irish Cottage, Dublin Ireland

The 73 autochromes of Ireland that French academics Marguerite Mespoulet (1880-1965) and Madeleine Mignon (1882-1976) took in May and June 1913 are the first colour photographs of the island. Their Carnet d’Irlande was organised and sponsored by banker Albert Kahn (1860-1940) as part of his Archives de la Planète project. Launched in 1912, the … Continue reading "The First Colour Photographs of Ireland – 1913"

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