Irish Independence

Explore the fascinating history of Irish Independence and the heroic individuals who fought for freedom. Discover the untold stories and significant events that shaped the nation's destiny.
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There she stands, gracefully and defiantly guarding the tricolor flag of Eire whilst holding the harp of a bard in one hand and the spear of a warrior in the other....representing the two sides of the Irish people. Fittingly, she stands on top of the General Post Office in Dublin, the place where the Irish Republican Army made their desperate attempt at gaining their freedom by overthrowing the British in Ireland, on Easter of 1916.

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Years ago, it would have been the late 70’s, and I was working on an arts employment project with Para Matchitt and Jacob Scott at Otatara, the arts campus of the then Hawke’s Bay Community College, I ran into an …

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“… a spiraling war of attrition pitching the IRA and a supportive citizenry against the might of the British Empire, resulting in a treaty and the formation of the Irish Free State.” By David Lawlor...


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