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Jump to Recipe·Print Recipe Hey guys, Yuto here (@sudachi.recipes) The star of this dish is cabbage! Even if you don’t like cabbage, I guarantee this dish will change your mind! I hope you will enjoy this crunchy and tasty side! Izakaya Style Salted Cabbage? What Is It? What is Izakaya? So first, an Izakaya is...Read More Paleo, Japanese Dishes, Japanese Salad, Japanese Cabbage Salad, Korean Cabbage Salad, Japanese Vegetables Recipe, Japanese Side Dish, Asian Dishes, Asian Cooking

You'll never look at cabbage the same way again once you've tasted this Japanese Izakaya style "yamitsuki" cabbage! Crunchy pieces of fresh cabbage tossed in sesame seeds and seasonings to create the ultimate umami bomb. Even if you don't like cabbage, I guarantee this dish will change your mind!

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A collage of 4 easy Japanese meals including teriyaki chicken donburi, yakisoba stir fried noodles, easy cucumber pickles with ginger and the ultimate tonkatsu pork cutlet. Ideas, Easy Japanese Recipes, Japanese Tofu Recipes, Healthy Japanese Recipes, Japanese Food Recipes, Japanese Food List, Japanese Side Dish, Japanese Food Bento, Japanese Meals

This list of 30 easy Japanese recipes is perfect for beginners who want to dip their toes in the world of Japanese cooking! There's no need to sacrifice flavor either, these simple recipes are delicious too! Whether you're looking for a simple side dish or a satisfying meal, this list has a dish for any occasion and plenty to choose from!

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Agedashi tofu, hijiki salad, sunomono and chikuzenni (Japanese side dish collection) Restaurant Recipes, Japanese Dishes, Sushi Recipes, Japanese Side Dish, Asian Side Dishes, Easy Japanese Recipes, Korean Food Side Dishes, Asian Cuisine, Food Dishes

Side dishes hold an important place in Japanese cuisine where several separate dishes are served together to form a whole meal. Because of this, there are a whole range of delicious Japanese side dishes, from simple salads with punchy dressings to deep and flavorful simmered dishes. There's a Japanese side dish for any occasion! Check out my collection of 15 tasty and easy Japanese side dish recipes!

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