Japanese Tea Ceremony

Immerse yourself in the rich traditions of Japan with a serene and authentic Japanese tea ceremony. Discover the art of tea preparation and indulge in a moment of peaceful reflection.
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Matcha tea, once exclusively prepared and consumed in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies, was experiencing a global renaissance. As matcha took off, the marketing around the product quickly overtook the quality, creating an opportunity for Suntory-backed Stonemill Matcha to deliver a modern, yet authentic matcha experience. To introduce their premium offering, Stonemill set out to open […]

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Walking into the tea room at the Nichi Bei Kai Cultural Center in Japantown brings back memories from the time I visited Japan last summer. The authentic tatami mat, doors made from white mulberry paper, and a sign written in Japanese above a vase with wild flowers, decorate the tea room. The coordinators, dressed in...

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Discover attractions and things to do in Kyoto. From meditation sessions to tea ceremonies, explore Japanese traditions with Aman Kyoto. Book now.

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f you are planning a trip to Japan , an experiential Japanese Tea Ceremony is an absolute must! A traditional tea ceremony, called Chanoyu, Chado, or Sado, is a historical Japanese cultural ritual that involves the ceremonial preparation and presentation of the traditional matcha green tea. These f

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