Julie arkell

Step into the whimsical world of Julie Arkell and explore her imaginative and enchanting creations. Discover the magic of her handmade artworks and be inspired to embrace your own creativity.
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Today i just wanted to do a dedication to the truely wonderful Julie Arkell. Her little creatures that she creates from paper mache and wool and fabric just make my heart sing, and one day, hopefully in the not too distant future i will own a piece of her work . The website that i have found that sells her work is 'earthangels' just click on the link to take a look. Enjoy... The book Julie Arkell Dont you think she looks like one of her creations, i absolutely love her style, i think i need…

Karen Sisler
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I discovered Julie Arkell whilst looking at the Ruthin Craft Centre website. I immediately noticed the link to my own work and have since ordered the publication of her work from the Centre. I really like the textures she has created and how you can see the newspaper print on the figures. I prefer her 3D work to her 2D pieces as I think the characters themselves are a a lot more effective and interesting to look at.