Jun kombucha

Discover the perfect homemade jun kombucha recipes to quench your thirst and stay cool this summer. Try these refreshing and flavorful drinks today!
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Avoid Creating a Bottle Bomb During 2nd Fermentation

How to Prevent Kombucha Bottles from Exploding During 2nd Fermentation Four leading causes of bottles exploding during fermentation are: Pressure build-up from over-carbonation. Using the wrong bottles. Too much sugar. Warm temperatures. Learn how to prevent bottles from exploding, a.k.a. BOTTLE BOMBS, during the fermentation of your favorite drinks. Why…

Amanda Gallagher
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How to Flavor Kombucha - My Fermented Foods

We believe you have already mastered making traditional kombucha with black tea and are ready to experiment with new flavors. So, what is flavored kombucha? After you make your first batch of kombucha you can naturally flavor the beverage by adding fruits, spices and/or herbs to further ferment the drink. This process is also known […]