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The Jurassic Park Gate is a gate in Return to Jurassic Park, the third expansion pack for Evolution. The Jurassic Park gate is a decorative item which can be placed along the Park Tour track as an alternative to the default gate. The Jurassic Park Gate is a purely decorative alternative to a regular gate, and must be placed along a Park Tour track. Like regular gates, they open automatically for both player-controlled and automated vehicles. The design of the Jurassic Park Gate is based on…

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These Jurassic Park Gate Beds Are the Ultimate Bedroom Upgrade for Dino Lovers Ideas, Bedding, Jurassic Bedroom, Jurassic Park Gate, Room Themes, Bedroom Upgrade, Camping With Kids, Room, Room Ideas

Ever dreamt of sleeping in the Mesozoic era, surrounded by the majestic aura of dinosaurs and the lush landscapes of a prehistoric world? Well, dream no more! The Jurassic Park gate beds are here to turn your fantasy into reality, and trust me, they are as cool as they sound. These beds don't just promise ...

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Jurassic Park Gate: Ever since I first went to Disneyland (Paris in my case) I wanted to live in a Themepark. So when my iPhone decided to play the 'Jurassic Park' theme on my bus ride home, I wanted to build the Jurassic Park Gate – because why not? My garden is devid…

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Jurassic Park: The Game Deluxe Edition is a special box set of Jurassic Park: The Game. It contains a CD-Rom of the game for the PC and Mac; which is quite unique since the game was initially released on a hard disc only for the Xbox. The box set contains additional items listed in this article. The box set was meant to look like a welcome kit, as Richard Iggo puts it: "so if you were an InGen employee, you've been given a job on Isla Nublar, this is kind of the welcome you're gonna recieve…