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Discover the joy of knitting and join a knitting club to meet fellow enthusiasts. Learn new techniques, share ideas, and create beautiful knitted projects together.
Men Who Knit

Guys who can knit are totally awesome. I mean, who knew men's knitting retreats were a thing? But if you want to learn the finer points of bro-chet, you've got to join the club.

Mireille Van den Broeck
My favorite kind of lazy day - knitting outside on the beach with a friend! Crochet, Knitting, Knit Patterns, Knit Crochet, Knitting & Crochet, Knitters, Knitting Club, Wool, Knitting Patterns

The Arts and Crafts Association is gearing up for its biggest event of the year, the Craft Fair, which will take place on the 12th -14th November. The Clickimin Centre, which is a sports centre, gets rid of its badminton nets and footballs and is transformed into a showcase of as many as 50 Shetland individuals and small businesses selling a huge range of Arts and Crafts. The craft fair is run by a commitee of dedicated 11 volunteers, and my job over the past few years has been to organise…

Anne Thompson
How to Start a Local Sip and Stitch England, Sewing Techniques, Sewing Projects, Knitting Business, How To Start Crochet, Knitting Club, Side Income, Knitting Group, Craft Online

Recently I decided to start a local sip and stitch group here in my hometown. We had our first meetup last month and it went really well! I wanted to write up a quick post to share with you guys how I went about organizing my sip and stitch so you could organize one in … Continue reading How to Start a Local Sip and Stitch

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