L shape kitchen design indian with breakfast counter

Transform your Indian kitchen with an L-shape design featuring a stylish breakfast counter. Explore top ideas to maximize space and create a functional and inviting cooking area.
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The brown & white TV unit is luxurious with a marble laminate with golden accents on the left. Minimalist storage unit with a tall glass profile shutter and wooden rafters in the middle. Hanging decorative lamps, strip lighting, and spotlights illuminating accentuate the entire space.

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Live in a home with zero overhead lighting? Well, we are here to help you out whether you need renter-friendly lighting or homeowner lighting tips!

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An L-shaped kitchen design is where the countertop resembles the letter ‘L’. This basic kitchen layout is preferred by many homeowners and is one of the most popular layouts for Indian kitchens. Wondering why? This is mainly because this layout provides ample space to work, facilitating an easy, efficient and practical workflow. The highlight of the L-shaped modular kitchen designs is that they can fit into all kinds of spaces: small, medium and large.