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Explore our collection of exquisite lab created diamond rings. Find the perfect ring for any occasion and make a lasting impression with our stunning designs.
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Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, as everyone knows, but what about those of the lab-grown variety? What about the man-made gem moissanite? What’s the difference? Our expert friends at Diamonds Direct are here to show you the scoop on natural vs. lab-grown stones. 1. Price Price is the first obvious difference between artificial gemstones […]

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If you're in the market for a lab grown diamond, here are the top 10 best lab grown diamond companies to consider: Diamond Foundry,MiaDonna, Clean Origin, Brilliant Earth, Ada Diamonds, Aether, New World Diamonds, Vrai, Pure Grown Diamonds, and Ecoura.

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Lab Grown Diamond Rings I How and Where to Buy Them I Lab-grown diamond rings are becoming even more popular than natural diamond rings. Keep reading to learn how to buy a lab-grown diamond ring and where to buy them. I #ring #fashion #diamondring

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This guide features a deep dive into lab grown versus mined diamonds comparing price points, sustainability, and quality. As someone who has a lab grown engagement ring and wedding band I’ve done a significant amount of research and spoke to multiple professionals within the industry.