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Explore the mesmerizing world of land art and discover unique ideas to create stunning outdoor installations that blend seamlessly with nature.
Fun, Factual, Weird, and Breathtaking: Nature's Art From Wild & Woven #art #basket #moss #nature #texture #tree #twig #wall #daviddigapony # Nature, Wald, Gard, Jardim, Bunga, Kunst, Modern, Dekoration, Paisajes

09-17-2019. At this point in time, the links on this post are no longer working. I cannot locate the artist David Digapony online now, and I've searched using multiple search engines. In searching his name, there are still articles and Websites which reference his work and a few photos if you wish to research him. Fortunately, most of the photos are still in place on this post. I will keep checking with the hope of him returning to an online presence in the future. Imagine wandering through…

Becca McIlwain
Moderne Have, Rock Garden Design, Rock Sculpture, Desain Lanskap, Deco Nature, Pebble Mosaic, Seni Origami, Earth Art, Lukisan Cat Air

A scroll through Jon Foreman’s Instagram proves just how prolific the Wales-based artist has been this year—he’s collaborated with artist James Brunt (previously) on a few projects, too. From coils arranged in gradients to whirling patterns embedded in the sand, Foreman’s land art sprawls across beaches and grassy patches in an impressive number of locations. Each work is precise in composition, perfectly matching size, hue, and shape into hypnotic works that contrast the man-made…


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