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Discover innovative ideas for landlords to improve their rental properties and attract more tenants. Find tips and inspiration to make your rental units stand out in the market.
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So you have heard over the last decade or even longer, that the key to getting rich is to own and manage real estate investment properties. You can even do it with no money down, purchase a tax lien, buy an REO from a bank, and so forth... in other words, become a landlord. Sounds exciting? It is possible to make a good living and profit from real estate rentals. However, there is a lot of work that you need to get yourself familiarize with first.

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There have been numerous research papers written over the years looking at what landlords budget for when taking on a buy-to-let property, and the results are surprising. Of those who incurred costs, over 50% had made no provision for repairs, 73% disregarded potential decorating charges, and 80% ignored mortgage interest they’d be liable for!