Leather cuts

Discover the various types of leather cuts available for your crafting projects. Find inspiration and ideas to create beautiful and unique leather crafts.
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Note: Tanners trim the side and cut some of the fleshy leg pockets out, but some may remain. The dotted line indicates the area that may need to be trimmed, depending on the side. The Bend Thickest and firmest part of hide - at full thickness, it is 2-4 ounces thicker than rest of hide. Best used where minimum stretch,

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Marco Visconti is a young multi-brand fashion company with products range from daily wear to jewelries and accessories. We strike to offer affordable luxury and sustainable fashion. We work with brands around the world to promote ethical manufacturing, fair trade, and in supporting of local community workshops.

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HANDMADE FROM SOFT & ATTRACTIVE HAIR-ON-HIDE FULL GRAIN LEATHER: All Western Leather Works products are hand cut and handcrafted using the highest quality of leather that you will find, namely Full Grain Leather. This particular product is crafted using hair-on-hide leather. Please note that the colorway will vary due to the uniqueness of the hair-on-hide leather. The quality of this leather ensures a long-lasting life and durability. MATERIAL ORIGIN: Petén, Guatemala - our high quality…

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INDUSTRIAL UNREST Leather Spiked Studded and Distressed Jacket Cut VestConstructed from a vintage leather jacket, this piece is both a relic and a rocket.Details include shoulder inlay spikes piercing through a layered metal ventilation design, large grommets along the side of the torso and fine me