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Get hands-on with LED DIY projects and bring your ideas to life. Explore a range of creative LED projects that are perfect for beginners and experienced makers alike.

Awsome DIY Lamp: Check out how to make this awsome DIY Lamp From scrap. Also check it out on my website [<www.mebradsblog.com>mebradsblog]

Rene Bennett

Plywood Accent Wall W/LED's: This is a wall a friend and I made for a local business. It looks great and attracts the eyes of many people passing by. Everything you need to complete it you can certainly get at the hardware store with exception of the LED's. It may seem complic…

Deb Williams
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"NEON" Led-sign: In this intstructable, i’ll be showing how to make an immitation neon-sign with led and remote control options. On amazon you can find complete sets of remote controlled led strips for around $25. You can control color, brightness and/or have a pre-…

Jean-design Tatouage