Leonardo da vinci biography

Explore the captivating life of Leonardo da Vinci, the renowned artist and inventor. Get inspired by his genius and discover the secrets behind his iconic works.
TEACHER'S GUIDE: POMPEII http://www.kidsdiscover.com/free-lesson-plans/tg-pompeii/

This free Lesson Plan for Kids Discover Pompeii will help you teach kids all about the ruins of this famous lost city, covering everything from the reasons why Mt. Vesuvius erupted and how the explosion unfolded to the daily life of Pompeians.

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Animals have been inspiring artists since the first cave paintings of deer and bison -- and pet cats, dogs, birds, and others have continued to aid creativity with their beauty, humor, companionship, and cuteness. Read all about some of the greatest visual artist and animal relationships and the incredible work they have inspired.

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