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Engage your child in fun and educational activities to help them master letter identification. Discover top ideas to make learning letters exciting and interactive for your little one.
Three letter identification activities to engage students in learning their letters.  Visit this blog to see how to make these DIY games and get a free download! Pre K, Ideas, Camping, Letter Recognition Activities, Letter Sound Recognition, Letter Identification Activities, Letter Identification Games, Teaching Letter Sounds, Letter Recognition

Howdy! I am Mr. Greg from The Kindergarten Smorgasboard. My real name is Greg Smedley-Warren. I have been teaching for 11 years. I spent a year teaching fifth grade, two years in second grade and am now in my 9th year in Kindergarten. Kindergarten is my passion and my calling but honestly, that wasn’t how it started. When I was moved to Kindergarten (not voluntarily!) I called my mommy and cried. But on the first day, I fell in love and knew that Kindergarten is where I belonged. I have…

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Are you trying to teach letter identification? Are your kids tired of worksheets? I don't blame them. Worksheets can be boring. It's much better to teach letter identification through play. So, here are five fun and active games that you can use to help your child learn their letters. For even more help teaching reading, please check out my homeschool curriculum

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The Letter Recognition Assessment Worksheet is a valuable tool designed to assess a child's ability to identify and differentiate between letters. Perfect for teachers, parents, and educators working with young children, this worksheet provides a systematic evaluation of a child's knowledge of the alphabet. By focusing on this specific skill, the worksheet helps educators understand the learning needs of their students and tailor their instruction accordingly. With clear instructions and…

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