Library wedding

Create a dreamy and intimate atmosphere for your wedding with these elegant and romantic library-inspired ideas. Discover how to incorporate books, cozy seating, and soft lighting for a truly unique celebration.

Located in Baltimore, Maryland, The George Peabody Library provides a unique and breathtaking setting for receptions, meetings, corporate events, weddings, and events of all kinds. Comprised of two distinct spaces, including the Exhibit Gallery and the Reading Room, the Library offers a range of options for hosting events of varying formats. The Exhibit Gallery provides a uniquely appointed and distinctive environment to host your colleagues, stakeholders, and business associates for light…

Sophia Cruz
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We had so much fun photographing this wedding, it really brings home the feeling that I get to do what I love for a living. I like to think that couples can see us as being “in their corner,” but Dana and Dave really invited us right into the center of their emotional day. When we caught the magical

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