Makeup for downturned eyes

Discover expert tips and tricks to enhance your downturned eyes with makeup. Create a stunning look that lifts and defines your eyes for a glamorous and confident appearance.
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Downturned Eyes: What They Are, Make-up Tips & Famous People with Them - Maxi Optical

Do you know anyone with downturned eyes? Or perhaps you are the one that has them. Well, the thing is that these kinds of eyes are also considered “bedroom eyes.” Some people find them attractive and inviting! Others consider them lazy. Well, whichever way you view them, we’re confident that you’re find this article informative […]

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Best Eyelash Extensions for Client’s Eye Shape

We know how complicated selecting the best lash extensions for clients can be, so we’re here to make the process easier! Here's our breakdown of the best lash curls and lengths for each client's unique eye shape — including hooded and monolidded, almond, big/round, deepset, and downturned eyes.

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How to: makeup for downturned eyes - Charlotta Eve

*adlink When you have downturned eyes, it means the outer corner of your eye draws downwards. That can create a hood that makes your eye droop a little. It’s also the reason why a winged eyeliner doesn’t work for you (what a relief, right?). This also makes the upper lid very prominent, so it’s important…

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