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41 Remarkable Facts About The Marvel Universe For True Marvel Fans - Part 3 - Fact Republic

1. Spider-Man invented the web-shooter he uses to swing between buildings and catch criminals. The fluid inside, which forms the webbing, can hold 120 pounds per square millimeter and evaporates within an hour or two.

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1. At the start of Doctor Strange (2016), the Ancient One is wearing her hood while she bends matter freely to stop Kaecilius. This is to cover her forehead to hide the fact that she is channeling power from the Dark Dimension (which is revealed later), which is why Kaecilius calls her a hypocrite.

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The ‘X-Men’ comic series was originally considered a second-tier title by Marvel and was even canceled in 1969. The series didn’t gain popularity until after it was rebooted in 1976, featuring a mostly new team that included Storm and Wolverine. Universe Facts, Create A Superhero, World History Facts, Epic Facts, Strongest Man, Fact Republic, Marvel Facts, Superhero Names, Cool Science Facts

84 Phenomenal Marvel Universe Facts That Are Just Other-Worldly

1. Thor was created for Marvel by Stan Lee as an attempt to design someone more powerful than the Hulk. He realized that the only thing stronger than the strongest man would be a God. #marvel #movies #hollywood #didyouknow #interesting #fascinating #comics #films

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