Measurement kindergarten

Discover fun and interactive measurement activities for kindergarten students. Help them develop essential math skills while having a great time with hands-on learning.
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Teaching measurement to a kindergarten class is hard!!! I think it's one of the most challenging units, mainly because there's so much to measurement (length, height, weight, temperature, capacity) and some concepts (such as where to start measuring and where to end!) can be difficult for students to fully understand. I created my Measurement in Kindergarten unit keeping these things in mind. All of the activities are hands-on and have students learning through play. When I start planning…

Carrie Tibbetts
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Hi friends! Today I'm going to post about how I taught measuring length this year. As always here is the unit plan and lessons outlined for easy planning if you want to follow along with my lessons! Click on the image to download it as a pdf for free! I always start my measurement unit by talking about shorter and longer. First we introduced the vocabulary short, shorter, long and longer and then completed this chart whole class. I had strips of construction paper ready and I had the…

Sarah Ward
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My very first blog post. How exciting! I've posted this activity on my instagram page @itskindie, but I want to be able to go into a little bit more detail here. OKAY! So... I love teaching the kids about non-standard measurement. It's always so much fun and the kids love measuring with anything and everything around the classroom. I really enjoy measuring the kids height because 1) they get excited to see who is the tallest and 2) it's personalized to each child. This Spring flower…

Morgan Ripplinger