Middle school rules

Discover the essential middle school rules that create a positive and productive learning environment. Set clear expectations and promote a supportive atmosphere for students to thrive.
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47 Best Classroom Rules for Middle & High School

By setting strong class rules at the start you’ll be setting the tone for the rest of your time. Here are 47 ideas for middle school and high school classrooms.

Nadina Grillo
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High School or Middle School Classroom Rules/expectations Poster Teal 24x36 - Etsy

LARGE High School or Middle School Class Expectation Poster (24x36). Cross one thing off your list by buying this digital download to create a poster for your classroom. There will be no questions about what you expect in your class daily. Admin will love this! The process is easy & simple. 1) Buy & Digital Downloads are sent almost immediately. 2) Pick which background your like better. Send Digital Download where ever you like to for printing. (I used Walgreens in the video above of my…

Tammy Vicenzi
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Middle School Classroom Management Plan: My Classroom Rules and Consequences

The educational strategies I use in my classroom are things I continuously reflect on and develop. The classroom management of my middle school classrooms is one of the things I’m most proud of with my teaching. I generally had a happy classroom that was under control and focused on learning, which wasn't always easy considering my classes each consisted of 30+ seventh graders at ALL possible academic levels working out of their seats on science experiments and activities. My biggest pieces…

Mckay Whitmire
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Take Ten! Classroom Rules!

So I've been doing a lot of reading this summer! Namely--- the FANTASTICALLY STUPENDOUS-- Ron Clark. I read his books and feel like a LOUSY teacher-- but he ignites in me a desire to do SO MUCH BETTER than I ever thought I could before! These two are my favorites of his! He does SUCH a great job of offering encouragement and purpose! When you read his essential rules, he adds purpose, and he talks about the importance of the rules coming from a desire to see students be the best version of…

Erin Cunningham Roy