Mini australian shepard

Find the perfect addition to your family with our adorable mini Australian Shepard puppies for sale. Discover the joy and loyalty of this intelligent and energetic breed. Take the first step towards bringing home your new furry friend today.
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The Mini Australian Shepherd (AKA Mini Aussie or Mini American Shepherd) is a smaller version of the standard Australian Shepherd, the result of selective breeding. They are an extremely cute dog breed with distinct medium length often multicolor merle coats. These traits paired with their loyal, intelligent and affectionate personality makes them highly sought after.…

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Despite their name, Australian Shepherds have little to do with the Down Under. This dog breed has originated in the Basque region between France and Spain, where many shepherds came from an Australian descent, hence the Australian dog name. Later on, because of their incredible trainability and herding abilities, these dogs were favorited by American farmers and cowboys where the official breed registration began. Even though these shepherd dogs are still working in farms herding cattle…

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