Miniature figurines

Explore a wide range of unique miniature figurines to add to your collection. Find the perfect pieces to bring charm and character to your display.
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As promised yesterday here is a peek at the delights of the Min. I share a stand with Bettina Kaminski, maker of the world’s smallest teddy bear. New for this show Bettina had made a mini Crufts with small and hilarious pooches executed in a type of Japanese crochet. Most of these dogs are smaller

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Every miniature artist knows that to recreate any object at micro size, they must not overlook even the smallest detail, because that's where the beauty of this art lies. If you take a peek at the works of Hungarian miniature artist Fanni Sandor, that's exactly what you'll see—meticulously planned and crafted miniature animals that are the next best thing to the real ones.39-year-old Sandor told Bored Panda that she's a biologist and worked with nature conservation projects until her kids…

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Fanni Sandor has been fascinated by miniatures since childhood, constructing her first sculpture from toothpicks, candle wax, paper, and glue at six years old. “In my country, there (are) no traditions of the 1:12 scale miniature making. In my twenties, I met the first professional miniaturist’s work through the internet. I was completely fascinated,” she tells Colossal. Today, the Hungary-based biologist and artist fashions minuscule baby bluejays clamoring for food, a mouse peeking out…

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