Mixed media portrait

Explore innovative techniques and materials for creating captivating mixed media portraits. Get inspired to express your artistic vision with these top ideas and take your portraits to the next level.
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Originale per decorare muri e arredare pareti di stanze o loft. stile contemporaneo, urban, street style, pop art. colori luminosi e solidi e contrasto elevato. ritratto originale tecnica mista e olio. arte motivazionale. Il quadro adatto da regalare per dare colore ad uno spazio della casa o l'angolo di un ufficio. Poster di alta qualità realizzati su carta opaca e spessa. Aggiungi un tocco di fantasia alla tua stanza e al tuo ufficio con questi poster pensati per illuminare qualsiasi…

Morgan Rennie

Arteunok -- Spain The arcane graffiti arts, involving late night freehand spray can forays on to vacant urban walls, is a thing of the past these days, due to it gaining acceptance and the creative evolution of many of its artists in this independent art culture.. The spirit of spontaneity still survives but the presentation has more finesse and scale and the mixing of techniques such as collage, graffiti, stencil, painting and drawing have been introduced. The merging of photo realism…

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This collection is to remind you of all of your strength, courage and magic. Each painting is made to remind you of all the possibilities within yourself. As a contemporary Artist, I am drawn to the experimental and unpredictable nature of mixed media. In my paintings, I gather a variety of materials and layers and combine them in different ways allowing the process to guide me as I go. Mixing abstract imagery and portraits I paint bringing out the extraordinary from the ordinary. My Art…