Mohair teddy bear

Discover a collection of adorable mohair teddy bears that are perfect for any occasion. These cuddly companions will bring joy and comfort to both children and adults alike. Find your perfect teddy bear today!
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So my question for discussion is: do you think it is important that a bear crafter's design work covers a broad spectrum of styles and techniques? Or, is it possible to stay within your comfort zone and still achieve longevity in the bear industry? To answer my own question honestly, I'd have to say, the longer I am around, the more I am drawn towards 'a gentle evolutionary curve', rather than a desire to set the bear world alight with innovation. When I started out as a bear maker I was…

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Have you ever wondered how a teddy bear is made? Each artist bear maker develops their their own methods through trial and tribulations, so a few months ago, I decided to create a bear in 'real time' and photograph his progress, step by step to show you how I create my bears. This is the story of how 22" Caspian was created. He was pre-sewn yesterday. This morning: head stuffed, ears and eyes positioned and pinned, nose area trimmed, half of muzzle trimmed. Now it's time for lunch! Nose…

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