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Enhance your music teaching with creative lesson plan ideas. Discover engaging activities, resources, and tips to make your music lessons fun and educational.
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In every preschool music class that I teach, I include a short story time during the class. Literacy and music go hand in hand and I’ve always prioritized bringing books and stories into my classes to complement the songs and music concepts that the kids are learning about. We’ve created a really special story time ... Read More about Ten Storybook Lesson Plans For Preschool Music Classes

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10 Music Lesson Plans for Rhythm (K-6) - Check out this fantastic collection of 10 free music lesson plans for rhythm for the elementary music classroom. Each one isa fully-scripted lesson that teachers can use as is, or modify to meet their needs. Music Lessons For Kids, Music Lesson Plans Preschool, Music Education Classroom, Music Lesson Plan, Music Lesson Plans Elementary, General Music Classroom, Elementary Music Lessons, Elementary Music Education, Elementary Music Teacher

Reading music is like reading a book in another language. It has its own characters and sounds. The following collection of music lesson plans for the elementary music classroom will help music tea…

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