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Transform your music studio into a space that inspires creativity and enhances sound quality. Explore top design ideas to optimize your music production environment.
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NEWS: I had written ten professional tips for the Game Career Guide, which will be published by the folks behind Game Developer Magazine. It should be out soon. WEBLOG: I don't know if this is just a thing common in Fuzhou, or if it's like this everywhere else in China, but 80% of the time…

Ness Vladius

I re-built this desk out of an old Creation Station desk. I kept the base, the legs and reversed the top. Of course, if you have your own or make your own table legs, it's easy enough to do with any desk or build the entire desk yourself. I hand-built the racks and the center section and heavily modified the rest of the desk. I started with this...I found the workflow of this recording desk diminish my creativity. I had a different workflow in mind. I was not in the mood to spend $1500 on…

Tadhg King Hamaltún