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Cuff Earrings Ear Cuff No Piercing Minimalist Earrings Set - Etsy

The cuff earrings designed to provide multiple piercing look. A real piercing simulation. The ear cuffs exposed here designed for upper cartilage. You can choose option for single ear cuff (criss cross "X" or double line "ll") or set of 2 cuffs earrings which include both ears cuffs. You can choose option for material the ears cuff are made of. Available materials are 14K Gold Filled and 925 Sterling Silver. All cuffs earring are 20 gauge - 0.8 mm thickness. There are options upgrading order…

Alfred Malagon
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How to Take Care of Pierced Ears (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Getting your ears pierced can be exciting, but it's important to learn how to properly take care of them so your piercing continues to look good. Learning how to treat your piercing, when to clean it, and how to avoid infection are all...

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