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Egyptian history intertwines with Old Testament events, but it can be confusing to try to harmonize the two. Gary Bates introduces some of the issues for laypeople.

Whitney Page
Terracotta lentoid flask - Period: Iron Age,  Date:     11th century B.C.,  Culture:    Levantine, Medium:  Terracotta Ceramic Art, Ceramic Pottery, Antiquities, Antique Ceramics, Ceramic Vessel, Ceramics Ideas Pottery, Pottery Sculpture, Old Pottery, Pottery Studio

Myres, John L. 1914. Handbook of the Cesnola Collection of Antiquities from Cyprus. no. 545, New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art.Karageorghis, Vassos, Joan Mertens, and Marice E. Rose. 2000. Ancient Art from Cyprus: The Cesnola Collection in The Metropolitan Museum of Art. no. 125, pp. 78–79, New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art.Karageorghis, Vassos. 2002. "An Early Pheonician Pilgrim Flask from Cyprus." Da Pyrgi a Mozia: Studi Sull'Archaeologia Del Mediterraneo in Memoria di…

Dawn Adams
Pottery, Japanese Broken Pottery, Japanese Ceramics, Japanese Antiques, Pottery Vase, Ceramic Vase, Vases And Vessels, Vessel, Antique Ceramics

This is a very old Japanese pottery. This pottery was fired in Aichi, Japan during the Kamakura period (1200s-1300s). It is called "Yaburetsubo (broken pot)" in Japan. Yaburetsubo is highly regarded in Japan. It expresses beauty and fragility because of its brokenness. It is truly a decadent beauty. Although it has been restored to this appearance at a much older date, the shape and material of the pottery are original to the Kamakura period (1200s-1300s). It is very beautiful from all…