Old sink

Discover unique ways to repurpose an old sink and give it a new life. Get inspired to transform your sink into a functional and stylish addition to your home.
Source: RusticSinks.com via Pinterest

Some people have a knack for finding new uses for objects. We think those people are pretty neat – especially when they find ways to turn those objects into awesome bathroom appliances. Have a look at some of the niftiest basins we’ve seen in awhile. This exquisite turquoise bowl takes on new meaning as a...

Roxy Obrien
Old Well Faucet.  Had one of these in our kitchen when I was very little.  Then came running water...Wow.. Home, Apartment Therapy, Home Décor, York, Interior, Houses, Vintage House, House, Old Water Pumps

We’re rerunning this house tour from yesterday due to technical difficulties. The slideshow was broken but now it should be in fine working order. Our deepest apologies. Name: Bill’s Grandpa Size: 2000 sqftYears lived in: Built in 1900 In honor of the last week of escapes month at Apartment Therapy, today’s house tour is a serious escape. The house is on an island with access only to its residents and their guests.

Katie Calvert