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Learn how to achieve operational excellence with proven best practices and strategies. Optimize your processes, improve efficiency, and drive innovation to stay ahead in today's competitive market.
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Is Your Organization Striving for Operational Excellence? Companies that nurture Lean for the long-term are far more likely to survive and prosper in the future. Why Lean? Lean is the only known methodology that simultaneously improves cost, quality and throughput. Improvements gained through techniques can have a dramatic effect on the financial condition of a company. The …

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Are you currently working in health care? Are you ready to impact your work environment and position yourself for the next step in your career? Now more than ever, health care needs a workforce that is equipped with Lean, Six Sigma, project management and facilitation skills. Position yourself to lead, make change and have a greater positive impact on the delivery of care, regardless of your role or work location.

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Author: Scott Turner A lot of businesses benchmark themselves against other companies in the same industry and against themselves over time using various metrics and key performance indicators (KPI’s). One example of this is Solomon Associates Benchmarking which is widely used, especially in the refining and petrochemicals industry. This benchmarking process is often used to […]

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