Painted backdrops

Enhance your photography with unique and creative painted backdrops. Explore top ideas to create captivating and eye-catching scenes for your photoshoots.

In this mini workshop I'll show you how easy and inexpensive it is to create some beautiful canvas backdrops for your photography work. I hope you enjoy learning how I create these and I'm looking forward to seeing some you create and how you use them!

Monita Ann
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In the niche industry of hand-painted photography backdrops, two big-name players dominate: Oliphant , and Schmidli . While other smaller players flounder to make a name for themselves, these two painting studios and rental houses have become recognized as the high-end models for the indu

jan Wilson
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What do the above images have in common? Hint: It’s one of my favorite things to use for a party or photoshoot because it’s cheap and accessible and you can get it LARGE, just the way I like it. You know me and big stuff. Curious? Check it out below! Alrighty, you already for my secret? […]

Victoria Stangroom